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Known as one of the trendiest immature salamander players, Patrik Antonius has interpreted the earth of salamander by surprise. Not just because of his skills in salamander games but too because of is prodigious personality. Busy to his beautiful Israeli fiancée who has a precious girl for him, and with a budding salamander calling, Patrik emphatically has lots passing for him.

Antonius is undeniably gifted and skilled at what he does and when you coalesce this with a brobdingnagian roll and millions of salamander win, you volition see a man that is deserving eulogizing daylong. Therein clause, we take the biography and impingement of Patrik Antonius in the mankind of Salamander; his on-line and know games, profits, losings, net deserving , personal spirit, and hobbies. So, who is Patrik Antonius? How did he commencement his journeying in the mankind of salamander What is Patrik Antonius’ net deserving? Learn on to read more astir this salamander perfection.

Other Spirit of Patrik Antonius

Innate on the 13 th of December, 1980 in Helsinki, Finland, Patrik Antonius has get one of the near venerable salamander players in the earth, peculiarly in the areas of on-line and subsist cash games. His vocation goals were rather dissimilar from the distinctive pro salamander instrumentalist. He didn’t commence to suit a salamander thespian but the concatenation of events that happened in his living piloted him to the Common Matt-up where he achieved a storey of succeeder that many of his coeval can solitary woolgather of. Patrick Antonius was natural to a proletariat phratry. His dad worked as a speech man for a bakeshop and his mom worked in a daycare plaza to help the family’s finance.

Patrik highly-developed a militant mentality from former in sprightliness during his sentence playacting soccer, hockey, and tennis with his peers. He was perpetually byzantine in one mannequin of mutation or the early, and e’er functional difficult to exclude of detainment. No question, Patrik had a raw endowment for dissipated activities and he was aiming at seemly a master tennis musician in his teenaged geezerhood. He had enceinte expectation and was badly pursuing his vocation end until things went downward-sloping for him.

It was almost this metre that he started acting salamander with his friends. He became concerned in poker and started acting nearly every day at the tennis gild. At the age of 11, Patrik made around win which were largely 50¢ to use at the confectionary. When he started acting at the tennis cabaret, the wager were higher than 50¢: $50USD and naturally, brag rights.

Patrik continued playacting tennis and salamander all done highschool and the wager preserve to get. He observed the gage, Pot Limitation Omaha, former in aliveness and he began to gaming domicile games trough former in the dark and betimes morn.

At the age of 15, Patrik had a dangerous backrest trauma that near discomfited his dreams of decent a pro tennis musician. When he sour 18, he started acting at Cassino Helsinki which happened to be the but Cassino in Finland at that metre. At his beginning try, Patrik took the hebdomadary $25 No Restrain Hold’ Em issue and won the $225 swag. Interestingly, he became a Hold’ Em hotshot by taking the tourney eve though he had ne’er played at the punt ahead. Patrik went on to postgraduate from Helsinki Byplay College and was drafted into the army for his mandatary overhaul.

He was admitted into the Army Variation section and was permitted to rehearse tennis anytime he returned to stand as he was about in the forest. Afterward his discharge from the army, he began to practise gravely for his tennis vocation. Nonetheless, it seemed luck had another project for Patrik. He had another cover wound earlier his commencement pro tennis tourney which game his dreams of decent a tennis maven. Patrik Antonius was strained to starting charting another form for his living.

Patrik Antonius Betimes Salamander Liveliness

With a private-enterprise heart and rattling piddling to do, Patrik distinct to discovery another boulevard to research his firm talents. So with a protuberant harrow and impoverished dreams of decorous a tennis adept, Patrik began to engross in dissimilar jobs. He took up about odd jobs ranging from marketing products from doorway to threshold, molding, coaching tennis, to helping tables in restaurants. Yet, none of the jobs gainful decent and none was big him the adrenalin spate wish tennis games. He made up his judgment to prosecute unlawful vocation and to put his competitory campaign and life to exercise which led him to focalise more on salamander games.

Patrik increased his dwelling punt turn and upped to $2/$2 Pot Restrain Omaha tables on a more haunt storey at the cassino. Although he didn’t beginning raking in money forthwith but astern approximately eld of focussed gaming and bigger wager, Patrick Antonius became a ego schooled master salamander thespian and he started construction a potent roll. Not yearn aft this, Antonius hit a hot break the summertime of the yr 2002 where he won systematically and reinforced up his roll more earlier.

In the tumble of 2002, Patrik remaining his hometown in Helsinki for Italy for a point of deuce-ace month for his culinary internship. He became learner at diverse restaurants during this flow and he was not able-bodied to gambol salamander at this sentence. He over up blowing a gravid bit of his roll during this meter. In January 2003, he returned to Scandinavia where he continued to survey at the Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia. From hither on, he distinct to absorb in on-line games.

He made his offset on-line alluviation which would be the beginning of many, and inside a menstruation of two months, he had multi tabled his sum $200 sedimentation to a humongous $20,000. At this gunpoint, Patrik came to the determination that he had to switching his focussing to salamander full. He took a breakout from cultivate and distinct to focusing solely on salamander. He started perusal more approximately the back and besides understands his opponents. He began to swallow himself in the plot of salamander and to interpret the scheme that is mired in the plot.

From the month of Adjoin to December of 2003, Patrik played dozen hours a day, and heptad years a hebdomad. During this flow, he increased his roll to an awing $80,000. His skills and cognition improved importantly as he staked against around of the on-line players at this clock and he knowledgeable lots from them. Briefly abaft, Patrik became one of the top players on-line in Europe.

At this gunpoint, his cover had cured and he started considering exit cover to gambol tennis again. Since many of his tennis buddies were so in Joined States schools on tennis scholarships, Patrik distinct to junction them and try his destiny likewise. He applied and was springiness a one twelvemonth sports learning to the esteemed Averette University in Virginia. As shortly as he got the encyclopaedism, he jammed his things and headed for the schools. His salamander overwork went declivitous at this clock since he was more focussed on playacting tennis than playacting salamander. Although he wasn’t acting salamander as lots, his roll was not stirred. Scarce playacting one or two hours of $50 or $100 heads up and shorthanded Hold’ Em a day earns him $150,000.

He increased his roll by $100,000 when he included the $5/$10 and the $15/$25 Pot Demarcation Omaha salamander games to his assembling, and capped it by taking the 2004 Humankind Serial of Salamander at the on-line planet gage. At the end of his semester in his pedantic yr, Patrik odd for Las Vegas to engage his salamander vocation and since so, he had ne’er looked rear.

Although He did not win at any events, Patrik Antonius remaining Vegas with the decision to advance his back and get an on-line salamander hotshot. A match of weeks astern reverting family from the lilliputian townspeople in Virginia, Patrik twofold his roll by performing shorthanded $200/$400 Demarcation games done the on-line program. From hither on, he started acting for higher stake on-line. Withal, he qualified his games to Pot Demarcation Omaha as this seems to be the back he is companion with.

At the beginning of his calling, Patrik befuddled about money but he didn’t abandon in his pursuance to suit celebrated in the gage. He unbroken loss backrest to the biz, maturation and learnedness more approximately the tricks and strategies of the back. Finally, the back began turn in his prefer, thanks to his bully conclusion and noesis.

Patrik Antonius Effort in the Salamander Reality

Patrik Antonius began to brand a diagnose for himself at the salamander tourney with his two finishes about the net tabularize of the EPT (European Salamander Go) result and the Mankind Salamander Go tourney effect. He situated 12 th at the European Salamander Enlistment PokerStars Caribbean Jeopardize and 15 th at the Man Salamander Turn Bay 101 Shot Stars tourney two months abaft. He went forwards to concluded in the money at iii dissimilar events during the Man Serial of Salamander 2005.

In Venerable, Patrick won the Ladbrokes Scandinavian Salamander Championships that took post in Stockholm. He ruined the stake with some $70,000 in profits. In September of 2005, he made it to the concluding mesa of the European Salamander Hitch Master Outcome. At this upshot, he ruined at the 3 rd billet in Barcelona with a victorious of $145,000. The chase month, he won the European Salamander Spell in Baden bei Wien scorn the fact that he arrived fivesome hours former to the issue. He took dwelling the low trophy of €288,180 from this effect.

At the bill of these back-to-back profits, Patrik Antonius distinct to relocate to Vegas to uphold playacting his games from thither. When he arrived at Vegas, he purchased a household and began its renovations. This took more a twelvemonth to over with hundreds of thousands in U.S. dollars loss into the investiture. Patch this restoration was departure on, he resided in a rooms at Bellagio where he continued to frolic gamy bet tournaments and cash games both on-line and experience games.

In December of 2005, he ruined in secondment spot at the Mankind Salamander Turn Phoebe Rhomb Humans Salamander Graeco-roman in Nevada, Las Vegas, where he competed with Doyle Brunson. He won $1,046,470 at this biz. Afterward this gage, he united a squad of high-pitched visibility prodigies of salamander known as Circuit of Outlaws. He besides sign up with, a Swedish Martin de Knijff salamander way. During this clip, Patrik Antonius met his beautiful Israeli fiancée, Maya.

With a seamed up pre-tournament program that consists majorly of leaving to the gym, feeding fountainhead, observation movies, and dormancy wellspring, Patrik continued his overwork in devising expectant wins all done 2006. In 2006, he cashed in 8 unlike external tournaments which admit a 9 th situation destination at the inauguration $50,000 Humanity Serial of Salamander H. O. R. S. E case and 15 th spot cultivation at the $10,000 Humankind Serial of Salamander Lick Demarcation Omaha Patronage. He likewise featured in extra ternary events in the WSOP and two events during the Humankind Salamander Enlistment.

In details, Patrik spot one-ninth at the 143 Players 8-handed WSOP $50,000 Cavalry outcome in July of 2006 and won $205,920 which happened to be his largest cash the class. During the 2007 Humankind Serial of Salamander, Patrik entered assorted tournaments but alone cashed at the Mankind Title of the Pot Restrain Omaha tourney consequence where he located 3 rd and won $311,394. This makes it his 9 th WSOP cash and boosting his remuneration at WSOP to $569,964.

He has too made appearing on Salamander Afterwards Shadow, a innovation of NBC. At his entry, Patrick ruined in the stolon up place, losing to another salamander pro histrion, Jennifer Harman. He won against Brad Cubicle at his following assay in wide-awake gambol where he took the triumph. He likewise made a one-third appearing where he was a moon-curser capable Jonny Chan.

The twelvemonth 2006 was a heavy yr for Patrik, peculiarly in his personal sprightliness. Maya got significant and gave birthing to their beginning tiddler in May 2007. The couplet, with their minor, Mila, touched to their new habitation in Vegas. The class late distinct to rent their metre ‘tween Vegas, Monaco, and Monte Carlo. Patrik Antonius continued gainful at salamander lap all done 2007, wining in the Aussie Millions, the WSOPE, WSOP, and WPT Five-spot Champion Humans Salamander Classical. He is constantly seen on-line at dissimilar salamander suite wagering for eminent bet. Roughly on-line platforms he regularly played admit MartinsPoker, PokerStars, and Wax Careen Salamander.

He went forwards to turn in about of the biggest visibility on-line tourney events and by September of 2008, he ruined in irregular position at the Entire Rock Salamander $25,000 buy-in Heads Up Pot Demarcation Omaha Patronage. He won a tally of $320,000 during this biz. Patrick was ineffective to introduce for the WSOP Principal Upshot in 2009 because he was jilted when registering with hundreds of otc master players. His rejection was due to capacitance battleground. He likewise ruined 9th at the 593 Players 8-handed €10,400 – 2011 WSOPE independent events for a big swag of €90,000. In 2013, January, he situated one-third at the Aussie Meg Chief consequence for a sum of $600,000.

Patrik’s On-line Win

It is crucial to recognise that Patrik Antonius vocation was initiated done on-line salamander. In the former months of 2003, he observed on-line salamander and this was the head that his vocation as a master salamander was outlined. Led by his respective experiences and the flexibleness of the games at this metre, Patrick was capable to piddle a alluviation of $200 USD into his on-line explanation and from thither, he ne’er stopped-up acting at on-line program.

Inside months, he had been capable to bit his $200 depository into an awesome $20,000. Terminated the age, Patrik has get a violence in the salamander man and continued to pee waves in the manufacture. HighStakesDB reported that betwixt the class 2008 and 2013, Patrik has amassed on-line win that was in nimiety of $11 jillion USD on the Entire List unique. In gain to this, he had won some $6 trillion at PokerStars patch playacting as FinddaGrind ‘tween the class 2007 and 2016.

Psychoanalysis of why not find out more Patrik Antonius Vocation

No incertitude, Patrik Antonius is one of the biggest cash winners in on-line poker’s story. He started as a greenhorn with no cold-shoulder approximation roughly any over-the-counter plot exclude Pot Boundary Omaha and Hold’ Em. Interestingly, in malice of his miss of have in games, he lull had sufficiency indication skills and card-playing to win fifty-fifty at his pip games. His shortcomings were more egregious fully games but he cursorily accomplished this and stuck with shorthanded games. Patrik is one of the identical few players who deliver been able-bodied to win at motley games on the highest levels flush though he had lonesome played at few of the games.

Patrik populace visibility has grownup importantly because of his full feel and gamey visibility wins. He has made appearances at versatile TV shows and serial in the conclusion duet of geezerhood. He likewise featured in the instructional DVD – Salamander: My Way , produced by Marcel Luske. Patrik too featured in GNS’s Gamey Wager Salamander and he made an show in NBC’s Salamander Later Shadow TV serial in 2007. He too played in the Wax Careen Salamander ; Billion Clam Cash Back II and the Gamey Bet Salamander .

During the regnant years of Wide-cut Rock Salamander, Patrik was a steady player altogether the major games, detrition shoulders with former master highschool stake legends wish Phil Ivey , Dwan , and Viktor Blom . Patrik clench the disk of the biggest pot won in the hale of on-line salamander story. It is no surprisal hence to see that he had raked in a add of $1,346,946 in pot.

What Patrik does when he does not gambol Salamander?

When Patrik is not at the salamander mesa, he can be establish enjoying even workouts and games of tennis. He likewise dabbles into early sports occasionally. He is likewise a commodity beget and has alleviated into his function of a beget and spends more sentence suspension out with his folk. He was a habitue player at the Big Punt at Bellagio and naturally, the youngest website actor at that metre when he united the mellow bet cash biz. Patrik Antonius is considered to be one of the trump heads up players ended the humanity. He is besides one of the identical outdo miscellaneous punt players in the humanity. Thither is no dubiety, Patrik volition preserve to win and cash on the salamander lap many age to get.

Patrik’s Endure Tourney Results

It is crucial to prove that Patrik Antonius is mainly an on-line games cash histrion. Bulk of his games are on-line. Nevertheless, he has likewise made big wins in endure tourney. In sum, Patrik has earned almost $7 gazillion in dissimilar subsist tourney profits. His largest cash gamey was in 2012 where he ruined as a contrabandist capable Phil Ivey in the Aussie Millions Gainsay $250,000.

He won a expectant sum of $1.2 trillion at this back. In improver to this, he besides made another septenary figures lots originally in his calling, specifically in 2005. In 2005, he located arcsecond in the Earth Salamander Circuit Fivesome Adamant Man Salamander Greco-roman in Vegas. Although Patrik does not clutch many titles or suffer any Reality Serial of Salamander bracelets, his front at salamander tables ever play fearfulness to his opponents. Sometimes in 2005, he claimed a claim at the EPT afterwards he won the Baden Primary Outcome for a sum some $350,000. The fact that Patrik does not sustain any Earth Serial of Salamander bracelets to his gens does not entail he was not able-bodied to win at the gage.

The lone reasonableness for this is because he is more concerned in centering his get-up-and-go on bang-up cash games roughly the humankind. Observance Patrik swordplay at Salamander Subsequently Colored or High-pitched Wager Salamander is decent to convert anyone of his splendid skills and power at salamander tables. Patrick was at a period sponsored as a Wide Lean actor ahead he page became a office of the Ivey Conference as an elect charabanc.

Patrik Antonius Tourney Placing

As highlighted infra, Patrik situated more at the on-line salamander board than survive games. Notwithstanding, in events where he played exist games, he really performed good. In succinct, his placing in unlike tournaments is elaborate under.




WSOPE 2011 €10,400 WSOPE Briny Upshot



2011 Limited 2011 Aussie Millions Independent Consequence



WSOP 2010 $10,000 Briny Outcome Backing



2009 Aussie Millions Briny Upshot



2008 WSOP Outcome 4 Interracial Hold’ Em



2008 WSOP Upshot 1 Humans Patronage Pot-Limit Hold’Em



2007 WSOPE No Restrict Texas Pot Confine Hold’Em



2017 WSOP Humankind Patronage Pot-Limit Omaha



WPT Man Backup



2007 Extra Aussie Millions



2006 WSOP No-Limit Hold’em re-buys



2006 WSOP Pot-Limit Hold’Em



2006 WSOP H.O.R.S.E



2006 WSOP Pot-Limit Omaha



2006 WSOP No-Limit Hold’em Short-change Handed 6-Table



WPT Harden 4 Bellagio Five-spot Adamant



EPT Temper 2 EPT Baden Greco-roman



EPT Harden 2 Barcelona Afford



2005 WSOP $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Brusque Handed 6-Table



2005 WSOP $5,000 No-Limit Hold’ em



2005 WSOP $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold’ em



Although many of the exist games of Patrik Antonius are not as big as around of former big players in the industriousness, he has been able-bodied to piddle a gens for himself both in subsist games and on-line games. Evening though he was an zealous on-line thespian, Patrik admitted that he thinks he is at a disfavour when piquant in on-line games these years.

According to him, thither are assorted types of package that are organism secondhand now by much everyone to addition an bound in the stake. Patrik has ne’er victimized any international aid when playacting his games and he seems not to be preparation to. He went boost to say that he had ne’er watched a salamander preparation picture or scan a salamander script.


Patrik Antonius is no dubiety a caption in the salamander mankind. He has been capable to turn his calling to a gunpoint where he is regarded as one of the legends in the industriousness. The animation and vocation of this boyfriend stiff a need for offspring and approaching salamander players in the diligence. Patrik is calm lots in the stake and he continues to do big overwork in assorted tournaments and events, peculiarly at the on-line tables.

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Patrik Antonius Net Deserving

Patrik Antonius Net Deserving

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